May 2018

Beauty from withinBeauty from within

An art teacher once asked my A level art class what the purpose of frames were. Aside from secondary functions of protection and usability, the primary purpose of a frame is, of course, to complement and enhance the image it surrounds. Like a newborn baby clothed for the first time, the beauty emanates from that contained within.

The frames and borders that surround our family portraits and art gallery displays are a very literal example of how we like to beautify our boundaries, but the concept exists on many levels. The hand-painted door number sign; the personalised phone case; the colour of our passport cover; these are all things that delineate a boundary of sorts, with the 'main attraction' equally functionable without such aesthetic considerations. Boundaries, it would seem, are things we like to like.

Boundaries in a geographical sense are no different. We use them to define our nations, our allegiances and our governing bodies. We like them because of the clarity they provide to our identities. We decorate them with flags, with sporting mascots and cultural icons. And on a local level, they define our communities and our councils. As a local magazine, we thrive on the beauty that exists within our own community's boundaries. We take pleasure in championing all that is good within those boundaries, which are all the more prominent in this, a local election month. And if you will indulge me one final stroke of the art analogy brush, I'll sign off by saying we are proud to be the frame to the masterpiece that is Wanstead (Village and Park).