November 2018


Shortly after this issue is published, our TV screens will once again be adorned with the work of those masters of Yuletide spin, the advertising creatives. And if rumours are to believed, Sir Elton John will be heading up John Lewis' latest entry in the seasonal TV ad battle. So, with festive theme tunes beginning to take over our audible surroundings and with the Wanstead tree set to light up George Green this month, it must be time to step into Christmas.

But there is one more annual event to be honoured before the first advent calendar doors are opened. The two-minute silence observed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is always a powerful reminder of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, but those moments of reflection will this year be all the more poignant, marking the centenary of the end of the First World War. Since its unveiling in 1922, Wanstead's own war memorial has become an integral feature of our High Street and many of us regularly pass the winged figure of Victory. Some of us may have even paused to read the inscriptions, but now is a time to truly stop... and remember. Remember those who were once themselves integral to a bygone community; remember those who were once integral in the fight for the freedoms we all enjoy today; remember those who were once lost but now deserve to remain engraved in our collective memories.

"Men of Wanstead, whom their neighbours hereby commemorate, here numbered among those who in the Great War at the call of king and country left all that was dear to them, endured hardship, faced danger and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom. Let those who come after see to it that their sacrifice was not in vain."