September 2018

Good idea, on paperGood idea, on paper

Sometimes things look good on paper but lose their sparkle when seen in the cold light of day. The empty hotel swimming pool in a glossy travel brochure inviting you for a dip, compared to the crowded reality, or the much-hyped winter wonderland promising reindeer rides, compared to an emaciated donkey with strap-on antlers limping through slushy puddles. The more impressive the object of desire seems on paper, the greater the disappointment potential. The greater the expectation, the bigger the fall back down to reality.

As a magazine publisher, making things look good on paper is, quite literally, my job. Articles are edited for clarity and style, photos are (where appropriate) enhanced for visual satisfaction and adverts are set to create awareness of brands. The final package – printed, stapled and trimmed – is our own glistening pool, an invite to readers to take a dip in all that Wanstead has to offer. So yes, we do raise expectations and we do ramp up the disappointment potential. But in my experience, Wanstead rarely disappoints.

With the local cultural calendar filled with art trail, fringe and festival activities, it's that time again when the community's collective expectations are raised and Wanstead's disappointment potential is at it's highest. As we all anticipate the laughter, delight, taste, sounds, images and intrigue promised by the return of the aforementioned festivities, this publication has no hesitation in adding to those expectations. After all, these pages only exist in the first place because Wanstead consistently delivers on its promises. So, while my job may be to make things look good on paper, the real challenge is making these pages look as good as reality.