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One day a week, Dr Tasneem Ally welcomes her 'cosmic brothers and sisters' into her Woodford Green home to study and discuss The Knowledge Book, which she believes can unite humanity.

Greetings, cosmic brothers and sisters. Are you seeking higher truths? Do you wonder about your true purpose on Earth? Do you have any thoughts about your place in the universe? In the cosmos? Do you think humans are multidimensional beings?

I am Dr Tasneem Ally, a GP, angelic reiki master, crystal healer and solar teacher of The Knowledge Book. I live in Woodford Green and run a Knowledge Book Focal Point from my home every Saturday afternoon. I feel truly blessed as I am living my passion, aligned with the principles of 'science meets spirituality'.

A few years ago, I went through a series of physical, material and emotional trials, which forced me to scrutinise various aspects of myself and my relationships with others, and forced me to find my true purpose in this life. I attended the Mind Body Spirit show at Olympia and I came upon a stall displaying this bright purple book with gold printing on its cover. It looked mysterious and inviting and I could sense its energy from a distance.

The Knowledge Book is a universal book for all humanity and is currently studied in 35 countries. It is a cosmic book that has come from the omega dimension to facilitate our evolution over the next 19 centuries. For that purpose, the book reveals the universal laws and truths to our planet by shedding light on the ultimate secrets of existence, such as the creation of energy, matter, galaxies, living cells and the cosmic genetic engineering of the human race on Earth.

The book contains both knowledge and frequency (energy), thus helping the reader to understand universal secrets whilst habituating our physical, cellular body to the energy of higher dimensions, preparing us for our spiritual evolution. It is a 'living book', as evidenced by aura pictures using polycontrast interference photography. Cosmic technology unknown to us, called the light photon cyclone technique, loads time and dimensional energies onto letters in the book, which changes its aura on a daily basis since it captures and conveys to us the cosmic energy that showers the Earth. It also continuously refreshes the meaning of its text with the incoming cosmic energy and adjusts its energy intensity to the capacity of each reader.

Group studies form a magnetic field of omega energy, which reflects to others and neutralises negativity and raises the vibrational level on Earth, thus accelerating the awakening of people and the expansion of their consciousness, empowering us to integrate and herald the much-awaited 'golden age'.

May human beings accept one another and unite!

Tasneem holds free seminars about The Knowledge Book every Saturday from 3pm at 43 Abbotsford Gardens, Woodford Green, IG8 9HW – call 07739 710 120

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