Eight legs, and counting

Female wolf spider (Alopecosa)Female wolf spider (Alopecosa) 

Arachnologist David Carr will be taking part in the Wren Wildlife Group's bio-blitz on 23 and 24 June. Tim Harris reports and looks at five species of spider – discovered and photographed by Rose Stephens – that can be found in the Wanstead area.

The first time arachnologist David Carr visited Wanstead Flats, he realised it would be a great place to search for spiders. A couple of years on, he has returned on several occasions, also making forays into Wanstead Park. During the process, he has found well over 100 different types of spider in our acid grassland and scrub. The excellent news for all local naturalists is that David will be returning again to participate in the Wren Wildlife Group's bioblitz this month.

 Zelotes Crab spider (Misumena vatia)  PhilodromusMale wolf spider (Alopecosa pulverulenta)

Spider surveys will take place as part of the bio-blitz on Wanstead Flats on 23 June from 10.30am (meet at the Centre Road car park) and in Wanstead Park on 24 June from 10.30am (meet outside Aldersbrook Riding School stables, Empress Avenue). For more information, call 07505 482 328

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