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Eugene Coyle posts his own submission for the projectEugene Coyle posts his own submission for the project

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be arty, Eugene Coyle invites you all to be part of a postcard exhibition during next month's Art Trail Wanstead.

Having always looked forward to wandering around the High Street, admiring all the talented artists that take part in the annual Art Trail Wanstead, I thought this year I would attend the meetings and explore with others some alternative exhibiting ideas I have had for a while.

As a practising artist myself, I work mainly in sculpture and 3D art, and I am currently working with some old black and white photographic images taken on my trusty 35mm Nikon FM. I combine these images with reclaimed and unconventional objects of interest to create sculptural artworks.

My work has evolved over the years since leaving art college and I now feel more in control of expressing my creativity. In my early days, I exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions, and then art took a back seat to work and life commitments, with each passing year promising myself to resume my artistic pursuits.

This year I am organising a postcard art exhibition as part of the art trail. It simply involves creating a piece of art on a blank postcard, putting your details on the back and posting it to us. We will arrange to display the arty postcards at various venues around Wanstead during the trail for all to see and enjoy. It is easy, fun and free to take part and I am therefore hoping it will appeal to both artists and non-artists alike. It will hopefully present an opportunity to anyone who has never had work displayed before to see their creative work exhibited in public for the first time. How exciting is that?

I am hoping to see as many artworks as possible arriving through the post, with lots of different interpretations on this year's trail theme, the human condition.

I am calling on all you readers to enter a piece of artwork, whether or not you consider yourself arty, and to encourage all your friends and family to enter as well. Make a project of it, get your pastels and paints out, experiment with collage and mixed media, take photographs and write poetry and think creatively and outside the box. Encourage children to enter so they can have the fun of hunting for their own artwork as part of the trail.

The fun element of this kind of exhibition is that the work itself will be subject to the wear and tear of the post – this is part of the desired effect – and it may not even reach us (though hopefully it will). You simply create the work and then let go of it and see what condition it arrives in after its postal journey.

Send postcards to Wanstead Post Art, c/o Wanstead House, 21 The Green, Wanstead, E11 2NT. Include image title, medium and your name on the reverse. Postcards must be received by 31 August. For more information, visit wavidi.co/atw

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