Hidden doorways part III

©Stephen Lines©Stephen Lines

In the third of a series of articles looking at Wanstead's 'hidden doorways', local resident and photography enthusiast Stephen Lines challenges you to identify the location of these two entrance points.

It's easy to forget how close the bustle and dust of the City of London is while walking through Wanstead. Even more so when summer arrives and the cafes and bars offer opportunities to sit back and peer discreetly through dark glasses at the local passeggiata as the sun sets over each of our three village greens.

Midsummer is a time for imagining, a time for magic. Walking out of Tarzy Wood, heading down Hermon Hill, or looking east from Wanstead station, one inclined to romanticism could visualise Wanstead placed on the brow of a hill, bordered to the south and north by woodland and to the west by the planes of Wanstead Flats.

It is the holiday season. Some have the opportunity to spend more time with their families, their friends or simply enjoying their own company away from the rigours of work. For others, there may be no change to their routine. The days are longer, the nights shorter. The weather is drier and warmer, but apart from that, their days go by much as they always do.

The lives of the people of Wanstead vary greatly. We are all different people brought together by the proximity of this unique area of London.

Commemorations of recent tragic events and the associated photographic images remind us how communities can respond with resilience and compassion. Global sporting events can also be metaphors for constructive communities; people from all over the world, exuberant in their loyalties and differences, unified by a shared enthusiasm.

On the edges of Wanstead there is a porch that perhaps few hurrying commuters take note of, and just up the hill from an old Wanstead inn, work still goes on behind old, green doors. But to where do they lead?

For the doorway location answers, visit wavidi.co/julydoors. To view more of Stephen's images, visit wavidi.co/slines


This month's three doorways can be found at:

  • The green door belongs to the factory on Nelson Road
  • The other door is at Snaresbrook station

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