Sheila Bain and Paul MerrySheila Bain and Paul Merry

Sheila Bain and Paul Merry were elected as councillors for the new Wanstead Park ward in May. Here, the two Labour representatives explain how their work is progressing.

We are proud to have been re-elected in May to serve as Labour councillors for Wanstead Park ward. We have been getting down to business, dealing with local issues of concern to our residents and working with colleagues to deliver our manifesto pledges, despite the continued savage assault on our funding by central government.

A new pool in Wanstead, alongside major improvement works to Wanstead High School, is one of our priorities and designs are now in the final stages of development for both the school and the pool. The project will create high-quality educational facilities for our young people and a great family leisure complex. It's anticipated work will start on the site early next year, following consultation and subject to planning approval.

A main local issue for us has been monitoring the implementation of the Aldersbrook and Lakehouse Controlled Parking Zone (ALH CPZ), which came into force on 25 June. Overall, implementation seems to have gone smoothly for most people. A number of residents have said how vastly improved the parking situation now is on their road, especially on the Lakehouse Estate and roads in Aldersbrook nearest to Aldersbrook Road and Wanstead Flats. Over the coming months, we will be ensuring that a highly visible and regular level of enforcement is maintained to keep commuter parking and vehicles from neighbouring boroughs off the streets of Aldersbrook and Lakehouse.

We know that many local residents are concerned about street cleaning, littering, fly-tipping and antisocial behaviour (ASB). We are working to tackle this, and as of the end of July, a new street cleaning and street-scene service was introduced, which is being delivered through four Neighbourhood Teams. Wanstead will be part of the West Neighbourhood Team. Each neighbourhood will have a manager supported by a dedicated team of street cleaning staff and enforcement officers and will be more locally focused. The team will employ a community engagement outreach officer, who will work with the community on improving the area, meeting local groups and engaging the community in creating a better, cleaner and reduced ASB local environment.

Redbridge Council is again funding the Wanstead Festival, which takes place this year on Christchurch Green on 16 September and is a great day out for all the family. We hope to see everyone there. And, of course, if you have any local issues or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Excluding August, Wanstead Park ward councillors hold surgeries on the first Saturday of every month (10am to 11am) at the Allan Burgess Centre and on the third Saturday of every month (10am to 11am) at St Gabriel's Church in Aldersbrook. Visit wavidi.co/parkcouncillors

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