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Using the Wanstead Village AppUsing the Wanstead Village App

As high street shops across the country fight for survival, local marketing expert Jan Willis explains how a new smartphone app she has created will benefit Wanstead's local businesses and shoppers alike.

Wanstead businesses facing the twin threats of the worst recession in decades and stiff competition from the new Westfield shopping centre in Stratford are fighting back with a new mobile phone app designed to encourage Wanstead residents to shop locally and reward them for their loyalty.

The Wanstead Village App, which is free to download, was launched last month and a number of local businesses have already signed up for a free trial.

Local shops rely on repeat business and are happy to reward shoppers for their loyalty. However, getting the word out about their offers can be a challenge. Local residents are enthusiastic about supporting their high street, but with household budgets under pressure they are actively searching out the best deals. In response to this we have come up with what we think is a win-win solution by making it easy for anyone who works or lives in Wanstead to find local offers using this app and to spread the word using the sharing features.

The aim is to encourage customers to come back again and again by offering rewards for long term customer loyalty, which is very different from a short term promotion that only brings a temporary and short-lived boost to businesses.

Wanstead is an area with a strong sense of community, so as well as local information we have also included a number of features in the app designed to make it easy for people to interact with one another – by sharing their photos and commenting on local issues, for example.

The feedback we have had so far is that the app is very easy to download and use (even for complete technophobes) and shoppers really seem to appreciate the fact that local businesses are going out of their way to show that they value their custom. At the end of the day, it's all about making life better for Wanstead businesses and residents alike. If the app helps to do that, we will have achieved what we set out to do.

How does it work?
  • On the app you will find offers from a wide range of Wanstead's shops and restaurants.
  • Every week the app will send you a text message alerting you to any new offers from local businesses.
  • To unlock an offer all you have to do is check-in at the business concerned and scan a special QR (quick response) code into your phone, using the in-built QR code reader.
  • The number of times you need to check-in will vary depending on the offer.
  • Once you've checked in enough times to unlock the offer in question, you simply present your phone at the check-out on your next visit to redeem your coupon.

For more information and to see the current range of offers available, visit

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