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Eamon Everall: a new work will be on show at Images in Frames, 71 High StreetEamon Everall: a new work will be on show at Images in Frames, 71 High Street

Anyone living in or visiting Wanstead is in for a treat from 15 to 30 September, says Art Group Wanstead chairperson Donna Mizzi.

The third Art Trail Wanstead will be running at 75 venues this month, with up to 200 artists taking part. This free community event will feature a wide range of work and styles – a small selection of which is shown here.

One of the many art highlights this year is the work of Eamon Everall, one of the 12 founder members of the Stuckism international art movement. The group took its name from a remark by Tracey Emin, then-girlfriend of Billy Childish, another founder member. "You're just stuck, stuck, stuck" said Tracey, referring to their aim to promote figurative painting in opposition to conceptual art. Since then, the group has further outlined its philosophy through various published manifestos, always opposing gimmick- and ego-led work, and has seen its membership spread across the globe. He explained to Art Group Wanstead interviewer Kate Sioftanou: "The art establishment has not found itself able to come to terms with Stuckism because it is the first major movement not defined by a superficial stylistic communality. The hack writers and outmoded theorists just cannot get a handle on it."

For many years, Eamon was the head of art at the Redbridge Institute of Adult Education. Now freelance, he teaches art to individuals and groups, including portraiture at Wanstead House. For this year's art trail Eamon is planning to show a painting that, at the time of writing, he is still working on.

Patrick Purcell: at Wanstead House and Biyoni, 56 High StreetAngelique Zucconi: at Pura, 54a High StreetDennis Wilde: one of his detailed drawings of St Mary's Church, Overton Drive

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