Are you sitting comfortably?

Sitting correctly?Sitting correctly?

Postural alignment and pain relief therapist Susanne Jager, who has recently opened a clinic in Target Fit on the High Street, will be giving a series of free talks at Wanstead Library this month.

Posture corrective therapy has been around since the 1970s in the US and is making a gradual appearance in the UK. When the muscles of your body are balanced, the major joints – the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders – are aligned vertically and horizontally. This natural alignment gives you strength, stability and allows you to function most efficiently – pain-free.

When muscles are chronically overworked, misaligned or the wrong muscles are used to carry out daily functions, they are more likely to become injured and you may feel pain. Misaligned joints do not function properly leading to abnormal wear and tear, impingement, joint degeneration and pain.

Due to our sedentary lifestyles, we are unfortunately seeing more and more people, including children, with postural issues. An article by the Daily Mail recently pointed out that children as young as seven are suffering back problems due to poor posture and lazy lifestyles. Experts claim that poor classroom seating and lugging heavy school bags are major causes of back pain in later life, with three million working days lost to the problem in the UK last year. Hours spent watching TV and playing video games are also believed to have contributed to the 'epidemic of poor posture'. The study of 154 10-year-olds discovered nine percent of them already had problems with at least one of the discs in their back. Degenerative changes in the spine are now detected much earlier, suggesting that preventive back care should commence at an early age before puberty.

Typical symptoms of postural misalignments are back, shoulder, hip, knee or ankle pain, calluses and corns, heel spurs, degenerative hip and knee conditions, golfer and tennis elbow symptoms, bursitis, frozen shoulder, herniated discs and headaches. Posture corrective therapy brings your body back to its natural alignment through simple stretching and strengthening exercises based on yoga, targeting specific muscle groups. Posture corrective therapy targets the whole body and the aim is for a permanent solution, one that allows you to do the activities you love pain-free for good. Once your body is in alignment, even cartilage may grow back. Healthcare providers such as Ramsay Healthcare are also increasingly looking at yoga stretches for back pain.

Susanne will be giving a series of pain therapy taster talks at Wanstead Library on 8, 15 and 22 March from 6.30pm (free; booking required).

Call 020 8708 7400 Susanne's clinic is located at Target Fit, 15 High Street, Wanstead. For more information, call 07955 093 090 or visit

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