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Wanstead resident Sarah Kudirka is one of many artists taking part in this month's art trail. Here she introduces her latest travel- and typographic-inspired abstract work.

I am Sarah Kudirka, a professional artist, living in Wanstead with my husband and toddler. This is my second year of participating in Art Trail Wanstead and I am especially looking forward to the 'Meet the Artists' evening on Wednesday 9 September.

Painting in my studio is a solitary activity, so it'll be great to meet people and talk about the art.

You may have seen my city skyline paintings previously, but I intend to show a different side of my art this year, with the bold semi-abstract oil paintings for which I have won a number of awards. I am delighted to be working with Darrell James Travel, not just because my paintings are as vibrant as their sunshine-yellow walls, but also because throughout my life I've drawn inspiration from my travels.

In spring, in this magazine, I asked: "When did you last look up at the sky?" ahead of my installation at Canary Wharf of 90 city skyline paintings on Polaroids. I only began painting on Polaroids a few years ago and that series of my work is still growing, but I have been making semi-abstract paintings in my characteristic style for over 20 years. I have long included words on my paintings but these latest works feature what I see as 'words you cannot read' – areas intended to look like reversed or obscured lettering. They are inspired by old newsprint and posters plastered over empty shop windows and hand-painted advertisements I've seen in India and Africa.

I make both kinds of work – on canvas and on Polaroids – in parallel. Making my larger scale paintings is often a frustrating, but also an exciting, push-pull process – one that I love being immersed in. While I may produce a batch of city sky images in one session, one of my more complex paintings may take months. At the time of writing, I am still working on a painting to show in the trail, over a year since I started it. Do come and see if I've completed it!

Sarah's work will be on display at Darrell James Travel (46 High Street, Wanstead) during Art Trail Wanstead, which runs from 5 to 20 September. A 'Meet the Artist' event will take place on 9 September. For more information, visit artgroupwanstead.com

To view more of Sarah's work, visit sarahkudirka.co.uk

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