Controversial proposals for large-scale music concert on Wanstead Flats

Image of similar structure as proposed for the Wanstead Flats eventImage of similar structure as proposed for the Wanstead Flats event

Event organisers MAMA & Company are hoping to stage a large-scale music concert on Wanstead Flats in 2020.

The plans – which cover up to six hectares of grassland – have met objection from wildlife campaigners. "Given the fragile state of the ecosystems on Wanstead Flats, especially after the worst grassland fire in London's history earlier this year, we cannot envisage a scenario in which such a large event would have anything other than a severely damaging impact on local wildlife," said a Wren Group spokesperson.

The proposals are due to be scrutinised by the Epping Forest Consultative Committee this month, and if progressed, a public licensing consultation will be undertaken.

Organisers will also be required to obtain a licence from Redbridge Council before any event is allowed to take place.

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