Osteopath in Wanstead

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Gail Hewitt (MOst, DO,ND) GOsC Registered and Lucy Green B.Sc. (Ost.Hons) Med.Do,ND. GOsC Registered.
1 Addison Road, Wanstead, E11 2RG
020 8928 1777
020 8928 1777
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Our Osteopaths Lucy Green and Gail Hewitt
Our London trained Osteopaths combines Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Deep tissue massage and Dry needling acupuncture, working with all ages and levels of health to work intuitively to find better mobility and reduce the pain experienced by her clients.  They work with a calmness, and sense of humour, and always takes time to listen.  Treatment sessions are tailored to your needs, and if you aren't so keen on the 'clicking and cracking bit' Lucy and Gail will always take that into consideration. 

Some patients make one or two visits a year, others feel they benefit from more regular sessions, or to get them through a 'bad patch'.  Though she prefers you look after yourself all year, you won't be scolded for hobbling in bent sideways.... though you will be encouraged to do you stretching and ice packing homework!
Why is Osteopathy a good idea?
Your body tends to experiences aches and pains for 2 reasons
1. Either your muscles and joints are too tight and too stiff
2. OR, your muscles and joints are too mobile, too flexible and unstable.
An osteopath’s job is to work out what's happening to you, and to put it right with techniques that suit you best.
It is easy to forget to look after ourselves. We let our muscles become stiff and tight over time.  We think the twinge turning over in bed, tying our laces, or lifting that garden sack is normal.  Or that the 'concrete shoulders', funny sharp leg pain that's been nagging for months and daily headaches are just part of life.  it doesn’t have to be like that.
If you don’t put oil in a car, it will break down. If you leave it standing out in the rain for 20 years it will become rusty, creaky and slow.  It is alos important to remember that your body changes. Your muscle tension levels change. You change in response to the weather, stresses and strains in life, events and activities.  Osteopathy keeps your joints oiled and your muscles stretched, flexible and strong, reducing pain.... and it is an excellent form of treatment during stressful times. 
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