Richard Kays (Wanstead Park, Conservative)

Richard KaysRichard Kays

Richard Kays is a Conservative Party candidate for the new Wanstead Park ward in the upcoming Redbridge Council elections. Here's why he thinks he deserves your vote on 3 May

I am determined to make Wanstead flourish for everyone. I've lived in this area my whole life and I attended a local school here and I also support a local Hospice. I am deeply passionate about Wanstead and the issues that concern our local community because they affect us all.

I've run my own business, been in broadcasting from the age of 17 and I started my own charity working with individuals to improve their political empowerment.

Today the charity challenges government and brings over 2,000 people into Parliament annually and I frequently appear on the BBC through my political and social action work to help inspire activists.

I love working in this area and I am keen to tackle the big issues that concern people who live and work in Wanstead. I am passionate about fighting for good quality housing, job opportunities a strong local economy and a greener community. I would be honoured to become your local councillor.

The role of a councillor is not to represent the council but it's to represent the people. If elected in May, my Conservative ward colleague and I will fight for the very best deal for Wanstead Park. Including fighting high-rise developments, a strong focus on safety, tackling crime, transport and housing issues. Our robust and ambitious long term plans and dedication to this community is the best reason to give us your vote on 3 May.

If elected in May with my fellow Conservative ward colleague, Pat Bennett, we are deeply passionate about restoring local democracy and working with the residents of Wanstead Park to create a community that works for everyone.

I share many of the concerns we've been hearing on the doorsteps of electorates while campaigning including the current parking issues. The local elections are so vitally important for Wanstead Park as a new ward and we hope we can count on you to enable us to make the much needed change our community is eager and is so desperately desiring to see.

Redbridge Council elections will take place on 3 May. Visit