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Barbara Antonino
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Hi, I’m originally from Milan in Italy but have been living in London for a number of years. I started yoga in 2008 and I decided to commit to a teacher training in 2012 to deepen my practice as well as teaching something I really believed had powerful healing benefits. I am now a fully qualified "Yoga Medicine" teacher and, although I can teach a number of styles, my passion is teaching vinyasa yoga. Dynamic or slow-paced, I enjoy creating classes that playfully blend Western and Eastern anatomy with a touch of yoga philosophy. I infuse my classes with simple and clear verbal cues
to provide a safe environment for the students to move and explore their body.

I believe that yoga is a powerful tool for deep transformation and, through my teachings, I hope to inspire people to develop a practice that empowers their lives, experiencing a deep sense of well-being, on a physical, mental and emotional level.

I am also a sea and sun lover and get crafty sometimes. When I am not teaching yoga, I create my own scented soy candles, scented massage oils, delicate room sprays and jewellery, which all complement yoga really well.
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