Screenshot-2020-12-04-at-10.55.05John Rocque’s London 10 Miles Round Map (1746). Courtesy of the British Library and MOLA via

Why can’t you see me?

Wanstead teenager Grace Wolstenholme invites you to watch her YouTube channel for an insight into life with cerebral palsy. In the sixth of a series of articles, Grace recalls meeting the holiday armadillo Hi everyone. It’s me again, Grace. This time, I thought I’d talk about Christmas and how different it was and how different things still are as this year ends and 2021 begins. OMG! It has been so different. Normally, people’s family get together, but that couldn’t happen this time because of COVID. But the way my mum thinks – which is dark, but true – if you want to have Christmas with your family, that could then be your last Christmas altogether! So, we all had to do Christmas differently. For me,...


Home activist

In the second of a two-part rebel guide for the home activist, Wanstead Climate Action member Tina Nieman Da Costa explains how reading and writing can help save the environment