Leyton & Wanstead 2019: Brexit Party candidate


Zulf Jannaty is the Brexit Party candidate standing for the Leyton and Wanstead constituency at this month’s General Election. Here’s why he thinks he deserves your vote on 12 December

At this momentous time in British history, we should all ask ourselves a fundamental question: why is our country in such political and social turmoil, with a huge gulf between us the citizens and those meant to represent us?

Well, I think we all know the answer: the politics and established parties of yesterday are no longer fit to serve us today or into the future. This has become obvious to all of us over the past three years. To change politics for good, we need to rebuild our nation’s democratic foundations so that Parliament serves us all, whatever our backgrounds and lifestyles and across all generations. To do this, we must first see the largest democratic referendum result, for Brexit, delivered. It is a matter of trust and democracy!

The Brexit Party is in a unique position to drive this change because we are not part of the political status quo. Our policies include: reform of the voting system as ‘first past the post’ has failed to deliver representative government and ignores the voices of millions; investing in young people by scrapping interest on student loans; abolishing inheritance tax as it raises less than 1% of total tax revenue and is ‘double taxation’ levied at a time of family grief. In addition, we will raise £200bn by scrapping HS2 and avoiding its destructive impact on our countryside whilst investing in the environment and recycling, including planting tens of millions of trees.

And importantly, we will be focused on long-term investment in our vital public services such as the NHS and social care.

I have never been a member of a political party and joined the Brexit Party to help overhaul not just our relationship with the EU but also reset the relationship between us the people and Parliament.

As a husband to a Spanish national and father of dual-nationality children, I know there is absolutely no contradiction between having a positive international outlook and wanting the UK to be independent and free of undemocratic EU rule. Born and raised in east London and a local resident in Leyton and Wanstead for over two decades, I want to fight for a community where we can all build successful lives whilst also taking care of those of us who do need help. This means delivering the best possible local healthcare, education, social care and safe streets for our families.

At this general election, we all have a unique opportunity, and I would urge fellow residents to vote for the Brexit Party and finally change politics for good.

Leyton and Wanstead constituency prospective parliamentary candidates are: Ashley Gunstock (Green Party), John Cryer (Labour Party), Noshaba Khiljee (Conservative Party), Ben Sims (Liberal Democrats), Zulf Jannaty (Brexit Party) and Henry Scott (Independent).
Author: Editor