Photo Story: Anila Hussain

ichstag-berlin-2©Anila Hussain

In the fourth of a series of articles by members of the Woodford and Wanstead Photographic Society, Anila Hussain tells the story behind this image of the Reichstag staircase.

Architecture was one of the first things I photographed. It opened another door called perspectives. Every angle, every viewpoint; the structure looked so different to me.

I challenge myself to see how I can photograph one building but use every angle possible, giving it a completely different view. Great light also plays havoc with the shadows. I find it exciting. I never look at anything head-on. I still photograph everything, but for some unknown reason, architecture pulls me in more and more.

In any city I visit, I will always look for architecture and perspectives. Apart from liking what Foster and Partners create abroad and in London, my other most favourite architect is the late, great Zaha Hadid. Her curvaceous structures, which bring a feminine flair to such a male-dominated area, are jaw-dropping. The results are just superb. I think my dream job would be to travel the world, photographing her superb creations with my own added flair.

When visiting Berlin, it’s a must to pre-book a tour at the Reichstag. My advice: book it for an hour before sunset. That way, you can capture the glass spiral staircase in a wonderful light, and believe me, it’s stunning. A favourite by architects Foster and Partners, its innovative design shows one way up and another way down. The creative flair makes it mesmerising and leaves you wondering how.

Sometimes, it’s good not to stick to one form of photography. I always aspire to try everything, then chose what I adore. At the moment, I’m photographing flowers and food. Tomorrow, it could be something else. Keep challenging your abilities.

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