Watch out for pop-up art in Wanstead as art trail organisers take a break

IMG_E2351©Alison Stenhouse

The volunteer team of organisers of Art Trail Wanstead are having a well-deserved rest this September after 10 years of running the large, community visual art event.

But, to keep the local art scene alive, there are likely to be some pop-up art displays to enjoy this year instead, with details to be announced at a later date. And Art Group Wanstead members are again set to have a strong presence at September’s Wanstead Festival. “Having a break will give us time to plan for the years ahead,” said a statement from the organisers.

Last September, about 150 artists showed work at 70 venues.

The group, which has over 300 members, is continuing to offer free membership to artists – professionals and amateurs who have a strong connection to the local area – for its future plans.


Author: Editor