Glass full of inspiration

Jenny-Glass-0317038Arriving Home by Pippa Davismoon Photo by Mathew Cameron Wilton

Art Group Wanstead member Pippa Davismoon works with clay and glass. She has just started teaching a new glass fusing evening class, and believes making things can enhance your wellbeing

Ever since I can remember, I have needed to make things. I now believe it’s fundamental to a rich and rewarding life. Since finishing at Central St Martin’s Art School with a distinction in glass in 2011, I have worked in kiln-formed glass and ceramics alongside drawing and print.

Teaching and running local workshops are also part of my art practice, being passionate about how making can enhance wellbeing. I’ll be running glass evening classes and Christmas workshops again this year.

I first fell in love with the colours of studio glass when studying architecture in Liverpool. The cathedral has coloured glass in its dome, and when light shines through, beautiful colours fill the space.

I started working with glass 10 years ago, finding it as inspiring and beautiful then as I do now. Glass is exciting to experiment with and a very forgiving medium. It can be refired up to seven times. When you open the kiln, it’s like opening a present from a friend.

Working with ceramics is a slower process, meditative and relaxing; during this time, you can adjust and develop your work. I also often work with porcelain, as despite its technical challenges, it’s a sensuous clay, producing an exquisite finish, glazed or unglazed.

During the last Wanstead Festival, I worked with Elsa Arnold (from the Spreading Kindness Through E11 initiative), running a workshop for people to make kindness bunting, which was displayed in local shop windows.

Currently, I am working on Lockdown Lessons, a participatory word game made out of ceramics.

To view more of Pippa’s work, visit pippadavismoon.com or follow her on Instagram @pippadavismoon

Pippa runs glass fusing evening classes at Bedford House Community Association. For more information, call 020 8504 6668 or visit bedfordhouse.org