Why can’t you see me?

grace-1Grace at her mate’s 18th birthday garden party (with less than 30 guests)

Wanstead teenager Grace Wolstenholme invites you to watch her YouTube channel for an insight into her life with cerebral palsy. In the third of a series of articles, Grace gets to party for the first time this year

Hi. It’s me again, Grace. You’re probably thinking: “Bloody hell, what more could she possibly have to talk about?” Well, to be honest with you, I didn’t know what to write about, but then I thought, why not talk about my first time going out since lockdown? So, here we go… you’ll probably want to sit down for this because, as my family say, when I have something to talk about, it’s never quick. So, I hope you’re comfortable.

Most people have probably seen my post on the local Facebook pages saying I’ve been isolating since the beginning of March due to coronavirus. Because of my cerebral palsy, I’m very vulnerable. I’ve got a very low immune system. But on 28 August, one of my mates had a party because she turned 18. So, I was very excited to go to a party for the first time since December.

Obviously, my mum was shitting herself because there would be a lot of people there. But I was well excited! It took me two hours to do my hair and make-up to get ready because, you know, I had to look good. You never know, there could be a fit boy there. Unfortunately, there weren’t any fit boys.

I was filming and doing a photo shoot in my mate’s garden because – excuse my French – f**k me, her garden is huge, and by huge, I mean it’s like the size of, do you know the Wanstead part of Epping Forest? It’s probably not that big, but not far off! She’s got a lake – yes, a lake, not a pond, a lake – and a whole lot more. I mean the party was literally out of this world!

There was a bar, from which I got a passion fruit Martini. There were three big tents, one had a DJ in, another had a photo booth in and the other was a chill-out area, but I spent most of my time in the party tent, and talking to her nan. I know, you’re probably thinking I don’t have a life if I talk to nans, but we really got on. I think it’s because I’m really close to my own great nan. That woman is a nightmare: she goes to Westfield and she does every floor. She’s even been in – wait for it – Ann Summers. So, that’s why I think I got on with my mate’s nan.

By the end of the night, I looked a right mess. My shoes were covered in mud. I’m surprised I managed to walk in them because they were knee-high heels.

At 1am, we called it a night. It took an hour to get home.

So, yeah, that’s everything that happened to me when I was released from lockdown.

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Author: Editor