Why can’t you see me?

grace-1Grace showing off her new braces

Wanstead teenager Grace Wolstenholme invites you to watch her YouTube channel for an insight into life with cerebral palsy. In the fifth of a series of articles, Grace uses more f-words than we’ve ever published before

Hi everyone. It’s me again, Grace. Today, I thought I’d tell you all about something very exciting that’s happened. For most teenagers, this isn’t a big deal, but for me, it’s huge. Basically, I’ve finally got braces on my top and bottom teeth!

The reason why I’m so excited – and having them done at 17 – is because two years ago, I was under the Royal London Dental Hospital to get braces, and they told me they were able to put the braces on and I was going to get straight teeth. They started off with my top front six teeth, but the bracket fell off one. They said that it was fine to have five brackets and to get the sixth one back on when I went back for my bottom teeth.

So, I went back for my bottom teeth and I went into a massive room with cubicles full of dentists. I got called into a cubicle and I asked the student who was doing my teeth: “You’re going to do my bottom teeth right?” She said to wait for her tutor to come over, so I just thought she meant the fully qualified dentist will have to do it. Because of my movements, it was a bit tricky, and I also need suctioning, otherwise I’d choke on my saliva!

The fully qualified dentist came over and said that because I move too much and need suctioning, they were unable to give me braces. I said: “Why don’t you just do it yourself, because you’ve got more experience?” Oh no, she couldn’t do it herself because she was too important, so I said: “Why don’t you sedate me, because I’m sedated for everything else?” But she said they couldn’t do that because it’s a luxury treatment, not a necessary procedure to be put under for. I went mental. “Just because I’m disabled, it’s like it doesn’t matter if I look good and have straight teeth! But all these f**king able-bodied people can get f**king straight teeth! Just because that f***ing doctor f**ked up the birth and made me f**king disabled! You’re f**king discriminating against me!”

On the way out, I shouted at everyone getting their braces fitted. “F**king good for you, you get f**king straight teeth, but I don’t because I’m f**king disabled and the dentists here are discriminating bastards!”

Later that day, my mum promised me that she would try to find a good orthodontist that might be able to give me braces, and that’s what she did. To cut a long story short, I’ve finally got my braces on my top and bottom teeth. I want to thank my amazing dentist, Ama, for not giving up on me and making my dream to have straight teeth come true.

I’ve got to stop typing now, because I’ve gone over the word count. Happy Christmas and see you all next month.

To watch Grace’s videos about life with cerebral palsy, visit wnstd.com/grace