Why can’t you see me?

122176798_628100234530421_5149317726064794141_n-copyFrom Grace’s Instagram account: Just #dreaming about when #covid_19 will be gone

Wanstead teenager Grace Wolstenholme invites you to watch her YouTube channel for an insight into life with cerebral palsy. In the ninth of a series of articles, Grace’s boxing fail goes viral

Hello everyone, it’s me, I’m back. Who’s missed me? LOL, just kidding! I hope you’re all well. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how long it’s been. Too long, like three months, and a lot has happened, hence not being able to write for a while.

My social media has gone mental overnight, literally. I posted a TikTok of me boxing at the gym from a few years ago. I went to do a massive right hook and missed the boxing pad, and with such momentum, I sent myself flying. I went spinning round three times on one leg, then started to fall, but luckily, my brilliant personal trainer – who you might have seen me with on the green lately – managed to catch me in time (I don’t know how he did it). I posted that on a Sunday afternoon, and by 4pm, it had 650,000 views! From there, it went up and up, and before I knew it, I had eight million views by midnight and 105,000 followers! So, that’s where I’ve been for a while, focusing on TikTok more than anything else.

I used to post on YouTube once a week but I haven’t had time for that, and from getting so many views on my TikTok, I had a direct message from Evie Meg. For people that don’t know who she is, Evie is quite a famous influencer with Tourette’s. She said she was arranging a music video with some other influencers and asked if I’d like to be part of it. I tell you, I screamed! She didn’t say who else was doing the video, so I was just expecting smaller influencers like me to be in it. Then it was the day of release, and OMG, there were so many famous influencers in the video, such as Cheethams With Dreams and Amy and Nikki Lilly from CBBC. I was watching it on my bed and literally burst out crying because I couldn’t believe I was in a video with all those amazing people.

Here’s some more big news. Back in March, I entered an online talent show, just for a bit of fun, not expecting anything. I just wanted to show people my dancing. Then, in April, I got a call saying everyone loved my dance and thought it was amazing. So, I have made it to the finals in Manchester. I’m off there in a few weeks!

I will also be graduating from college this month and will then be going to university in September. Yes, me. I got into university and even I am in shock! I am so happy to be graduating because it will be on the day before my 18th birthday. And then, on 14 and 15 August, I will be at Social in the City – an event for all things online video and social media – at London ExCeL. So, yeah, that’s me for now and I’ll see you soon.

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