‘Cook an extra Christmas dinner’ initiative returns to Wanstead: can you help?


An initiative to supply Christmas dinner to local residents in need and those living on their own will return to Wanstead next month.

“Last year, we organised the ‘Cook an extra Christmas Dinner’ project, where local families cooked an extra meal that was given to a person in need… If you could provide an extra plate for someone and drop it round to them on Christmas Day, please let me know. If we get enough offers, we should be able to match people fairly locally. In addition, if you know of someone who would benefit from having a Christmas meal, please get in touch. I am especially interested in offers and requests for vegan and vegetarian meals, and other dietary requirements, so we can match cooks and diners more effectively this year,” said organiser Paul Canal.

Join the Facebook group here, email or text 07769 159 433