Cadent unveils devastating new plans for Redbridge Lane West allotments

IMG20211111131422The newly restored pond on the allotments is at risk of damage if Cadent uses the site. ©Stephen Lines

Plot holders met with Cadent earlier this month to discuss revised proposals for improvement works to the gas company’s Redbridge Lane West site and impact on the adjacent allotments.

“The impact will be worse than we initially thought… Nine allotments will be lost for the duration of the works and five of them will lose part of their plots permanently. A further nine plots face loss of light and disruption to growing conditions by virtue of being adjacent to the contractor’s hoardings. Mature trees will be removed, and Cadent’s site will be surrounded by a new electrified fence, causing permanent damage to the ecology and biodiversity of the area, which will be further exacerbated by soil removal… We call upon Redbridge Council to reject Cadent’s unnecessarily damaging proposals,” said Sally Parker.


Author: Editor