Local Elections 2022

Local elections 2022: Wanstead Village and Wanstead Park candidates

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Local council elections in all 32 London boroughs will be held this month.

In Redbridge, 63 members of the council will be selected, contested across 22 wards. The Wanstead Village Directory presents statements from all 19 candidates standing in the two wards covered by this publication. Wanstead Village – which is represented by three councillors – has 12 nominated candidates, while Wanstead Park – represented by two councillors – has seven candidates. Both wards were created ahead of the 2018 elections following a boundary review.

Polling stations open at 7am on 5 May and close at 10pm. Voters do not need to bring any identification, and can cast as many votes as there are councillors to be elected in their ward. For a list of polling stations in Wanstead Village and Wanstead Park wards and to locate your nearest venue, visit wnstd.com/pollingstations

The results will be announced the following day.

Wanstead Village ward candidates

Wanstead Park ward candidates