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Wanstead House art tutor Karina Laymen has illustrated a ‘grown-up’ children’s book entitled Daisy Dresser’s Miracle by Tricia Exman, aimed at anyone who needs inspiration to let go of their ‘false self’

Whose life are you living? We have deep questions within us that demand answers, and often in our best attempts to answer them, we create a false self and abandon our truest self. That loss of self is not only felt at the core of who we are but is an incredible loss for the world.

When we take a close, deep look at the world, it’s not too difficult to imagine a graveyard of buried destinies, dreams and desires. In our efforts to make our way in the world, we compromise a little here and conform a little there. We watch what is working for others and determine to become that. Others try to remake us into what they want. In effect, the gift we are intended to be for the world is traded for a taste of what will never satisfy. We lose. The world loses. And if all our efforts are based on the projection of what is false, what would happen if we lived from what is true? Authenticity can be terrifying! It requires courageous vulnerability.

How do we shake the dirt of conformance and compromise off our feet and flourish in the deeply seeded, eternal purpose planted inside us? How do we unpack ourselves of all the things we’ve filled ourselves up with, thinking, hoping we will belong, be seen, be heard, be respected and valued – that we will be genuinely loved? Our souls will always know that if we achieve what we hope for based on a false projection, then none of those things, when received, are real. They aren’t based on what is true and can never truly satisfy.

Daisy Dresser’s Miracle, a ‘grown-up’ children’s book by Tricia Exman, provides inspiration, and the prompted journal will take you on a journey of discovery back to your truest true you. The world needs the ‘youness’ only you can give. The story of Daisy Dresser’s most miraculous miracle is for anyone who has ever:

  • Felt like a piece of furniture.
  • Been overstuffed with the opinions, expectations, assessments or traditions of others.
  • Chased an accomplishment only to discover it didn’t satisfy once you attained it.
  • Rushed past pain or sorrow, only to have buried emotions impact your overall well-being or relationships.
  • Taken on aspirations others have for you and lost yourself along the way.

Stories and art are powerful tools that bypass our logical brains and reach us at deeper levels, making them powerfully transformative. This is why Daisy’s story is written and illustrated as a children’s book. Big changes in our souls require us to become as children. Embrace the biggest change in your life through this fanciful story of the false identities we accumulate trying to answer our deepest questions.

Daisy Dresser’s Miracle is available in hardback and paperback from Amazon. Visit wnstd.com/daisy

For more information on the author, visit wnstd.com/exman

For more information on the illustrator, visit wnstd.com/karina

Author: Editor