Wanstead High School PTA fundraising target of half a million pounds

DSCF0882©Geoff Wilkinson

Wanstead High School PTA has launched a campaign to raise £500,000 in order to improve the school.

“Our children’s school site is crumbling and desperately needs a large investment to meet even their basic needs. But there’s barely the money in the budget to cover repairs, never mind improvements,” said Dennis Weeks, chair of the PTA.

Following conversations with pupils and staff, three projects have been identified: to build a covered area in the playground to give the children shelter, to install drainage on the often muddy school field and to refurbish the dilapidated school toilets. “We know this is a huge sum. And we don’t expect it all to come from parents’ pockets; there are other sources of funding we can tap.”

With the school celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, fundraising events will include a talent show, comedy and quiz nights and a centenary summer ball at Eton Manor Rugby Club next June.