Flats-and-shops-in-AldersbrookImage courtesy of The Wanstead Image Archive

Who do we think we are?

The Friends of St Gabriel’s has invited local historian Jane Skelding to host an event exploring the history of the Aldersbrook and Lake House estates. Georgina Brewis finds out more

Pict-copy©Karina Laymen

The art of belonging

Wanstead House art tutor Karina Laymen has illustrated ‘grown-up’ children’s book Manny Motorcycle’s Miracle by Tricia Exman, aimed at anyone who has ever struggled to fit in

P1033643©Diane Dalli

Park Life

In the sixth of a series of articles featuring the images of local photographers who document the wildlife of Wanstead Park and the surrounding area, Diane Dalli presents her macro

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Listen and learn

In the 33rd of a series of articles, David Bird discusses the work of Redbridge Music Society and introduces the Morello Quartet, who will perform in Wanstead this month

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Seasonal Veg

Local resident Red Willow reflects on her ambition to encourage variety in cooking and eating, a seven-year adventure which has led to the publication of her vegetarian cookbook, inspired by


Reverend Reflections

In the third of a series of articles, Revd James Gilder of Wanstead Parish is seeking volunteers to help the homeless at this year’s night shelter initiative, and introduces a


Ron & Doreen

As active members of the local community for many years, Ron and Doreen Coleman will be names familiar to many. Nick Park pays tribute to these stalwarts of Wanstead


The Wheel Argentina

During last month’s Fringe, Carole Edrich invited participants to sample the wines emblematic of her experience of cycling to every winery in Argentina. This month, her travelogue with a difference returns

bonnie-1Bonnie and her two cygnets on Perch Pond

After Clyde

Wanstead Park swan couple Bonnie and Clyde were separated over the summer following an incident in which Clyde broke his wing. Helen O’Rourke updates on the sad separation


First orders

The first-ever Wanstead Beer Festival is nearly upon us. If you haven’t got your ticket, get one now, says organiser Paul Donovan, who hopes the event will become an annual



A botanical spectacle in an Aldersbrook front garden has been the cause of much excitement, says Alice Batsford, proud owner of the Aldersbrook Agave My husband, son and I (and now joined...