Studying Wanstead

Eddie Heath chose the gentrification of Wanstead as the subject of his A level geography coursework. Here, the 18-year-old student presents some of his findings

Daisy-James-(C)-Redbridge-Heritage-CentreDaisy James

History comes home

Redbridge Museum will open a new permanent exhibition in the spring exploring 200,000 years of local history. In the 13th of a series of articles, Museum Officer Nishat Alam looks at some of the items on show


Overheard in lockdown

An exhibition by Russell Boyce documenting the use of Wanstead Park during the pandemic is on show at the Temple. The photos are accompanied by snippets of overheard conversations During the lockdown of February 2021, many had taken to daily exercise outdoors, which was permitted under the rules. Like me, most of us had slipped into a routine: same place, same time and often the same conversation. Just about every day I would walk around Wanstead Park with my wife Verity. On one such walk, I noticed as people passed each other there was a tendency to give one another a wide ‘socially distanced’ berth and carry on with their conversation. I would often catch a snippet of those conversations out of context. I wondered...

grace©Sonia Cudd

Quick change

Being made redundant was the best thing to happen to Art Group Wanstead member Sonia Cudd, who soon went on to combine her passions for art and dogs (particularly greyhounds)


Words, thanks & hope

One year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. Eight months ago, Ilona Hlushchenkova and her family arrived in Wanstead, having fled Odesa on the first day of the invasion. A journalist in her home country, the mother-of-one is grateful for all the support she has received and is now looking to apply her talents in a new field