The Inspired Diabetic Health and Wellbeing Event


15 October 2019 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Wanstead Library

Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead, E11 2RQ

0843 289 4861

Guest speaker: Errol McKellar Prostate Cancer UK Ambassador

Born in Brent in North London in 1957, Errol McKellar’s first 53 years revolved mainly around football, family and work. He’s been a youth team coach and scout with Leyton Orient and several other London clubs for almost 30 years and worked with many future stars including the young David Beckham, Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell.

Errol will Share his personal experience of surviving prostate cancer and why he has set up his charity The Errol McKellar Foundation to create greater awareness.

Guest speaker: Theresa Hatchet

Theresa is a Spiritual teacher, a didactic learner and a prolific sharer of what she has learnt. She like nothing more than bring her own hard earned insights to communities so that can self heal and support their own personal development. Whilst gaining practical insight in to how to prevent Life style illnesses happening to them.

THE INSPIRED DIABETIC meet LYNDON WISSART – The chef with the recipe to cure type 2 diabetes. Through healthy eating and regular exercise, Lyndon Wissart managed to reverse, control and cure his type 2 diabetes in 105 days, naturally without medication. He has since wrote a book about his journey towards holistic health. The book is entitled: THE INSPIRED DIABETIC and will be available to purchase on the day. At this event he will reveal the recipe he used (and still uses) to reverse this debilitating disease that so many in the UK are suffering from. According to current UK statistics, people from a BAME background have a greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

There are not many Studies showing that diabetes leads to prostate cancer, but there is some evidence of a slightly reduce risk of prostate cancer in well managed diabetic patients. Diabetes that is not well controlled can actually increase risk of a more aggressive prostate cancer, so controlling diabetes is key to prostate health. You do not want to miss this event!