Try the unique Walthamstow Green Hopped Pale Ale at the Wanstead Beer Festival


The Walthamstow Green Hopped Pale Ale will be one of the many beverages available at the Wanstead Beer Festival on 14 October, says organiser Paul Donovan

The Wanstead Beer Festival has been keen from the outset to promote beers from the local area. No beer does this better than the Walthamstow Green Hopped Pale Ale – a join enterprise between the Walthamstow Beer Project and the East London Brewing Company.

The project has been running for 10 years, involving local people in this not-for profit, community-based enterprise.

Participant Steve explains: “Folk, with access to a local garden, an allotment or even a pot, can grow their own hop plant (rhizome) from scratch. The hops are then harvested in September, then it is off to the brewery to have a fun day making the beer.¬†There is a modest fee to be part of the project.”

This year set a new record, with participants growing 153 kilos of hops, which was enough to make 7,000 pints.

The beer will be available in bottles from the East London Brewery but there will be the chance for an early taste at the Wanstead Beer Festival, where the beer will be available.

So come along, try this unique beer and maybe join the hop growers and brewers next year.

The Wanstead Beer Festival will take place at the halls of Christ Church, Wanstead on 14 October from 1pm to 10.30pm. Visit wnstd.com/beer