Over 500 local tree pits adopted in 2020: apply now for 2021 and receive free seeds

190522-Halstead-Road-croppedAdopted tree pit on Halstead Road, Wanstead

A total of 570 tree pits were adopted across Wanstead and Aldersbrook in 2020, and residents are now encouraged to reapply for 2021.

“It’s that time of year when residents can adopt tree pits to stop them being sprayed with chemicals and grow wild flowers instead. This can help bees and other creatures when they’re moving about – especially in places where lots of gardens have been concreted over. Adoptions are now an annual process – so even if you’re an old hand, you need to reapply… Just fill out a quick electronic form and the council will be in touch to provide a label for your tree,” said a spokesperson for Wild Wanstead.

Redbridge Council also has 400 packets of wild flower seeds to give away with adoptions, each sufficient for two or three tree pits. The deadline to apply is 31 December.