Give us our street back: petition calls for speeding controls and a safer Hermon Hill

DSC_0655©Andy Nutter

A petition has been launched calling for speeding controls and safer pavements on Hermon Hill.

“Hermon Hill is a residential street and is currently an accident waiting to happen. It is being used by a high volume of speeding drivers and for overflow parking in Wanstead… The road also serves as a main pedestrian thoroughfare to the High Street. The situation is dangerous, creates a lot of mental anxiety, and is environmentally damaging,” said Lloyd Sampson, who started the petition last month.

In response, Councillor Jo Blackman said: “Hermon Hill is quite high on the list for road safety improvements. I share the frustration that it’s not happening more quickly, but the council has a large number of roads requiring attention and limited resources. I will continue to make the case for this to be prioritised.”