Planning application for Redbridge Lane West allotments has been approved

allotmentRedbridge Lane West allotments after December’s snowfall. ©Stephen Lines

Cadent’s planning application to take over part of the Redbridge Lane West allotment site – while maintenance work is carried out on the adjacent gas station – was approved by Redbridge Council earlier this month.

“We had hoped to get some conditions attached to the application to safeguard the allotment site in general, especially the pond, wildlife and ecology. Sadly, these conditions were not added,” said plot holder Sally Parker.

One amendment to the application was made, which prevents any tree work from being carried out between March and August in order to avoid bird nesting times. All the mature trees and other greenery along the allotment’s current boundary with the gas station – together with some trees on Redbridge Lane West – will be removed.

Currently, it is unclear when Cadent’s work will start.

The site is classed as a statutory allotment, meaning government consent for Cadent’s use of the land will also be required.