Time to go digital


If the computing world has left you offline, make time for some digital discovery at Wanstead Library next month, says Rose Meredith, Development Librarian at Vision RCL

“I just can’t do that!” “That digital stuff isn’t for me, I can’t understand it.” “I’m a total failure at downloading.” “I can’t change!”

Do you sometimes feel the digital world has gone on without you and that you will never have a chance to get on board the digital highway? Ever found yourself declaring a story of your fate that cannot alter? Do you feel sure the digital world is really not a place for you?

Libraries have altered people’s perceptions throughout time, enabling people to access all kinds of information and participate in new worlds of knowledge. Public libraries have been in the forefront, more recently, in enabling anyone in the community to walk down the information super-highway, accessing books and knowledge, ideas and learning – for all age groups, no matter background or circumstances.

Stories are part of the human experience – shared in all kinds of ways amongst friends and families. At every point in the history of humanity, we have wanted to create new stories, travelling into a brave new world of knowledge. Today, the stories are changing.

Knowledge can extend into an untouchable digital world with a stroke on a computer – bringing to life books, images, maps, learning, movies, TV, radio, cartoons, drawing and art as well as bringing to our homes travel around the globe and indeed the universe, and allowing us to see the combined worlds of great libraries and famous museum collections (oh – and the very smallest local collections too!).

We can access a world of TV, music and entertainment from every part of the globe. The digital world introduces new ways of learning and discovering and using resources like online catalogues, biographies, art and dictionaries, as well as allowing us to socialise and meet new people, join groups and participate in our local communities. The internet enables us to reach out, have fun and build our knowledge in every aspect of human endeavour, culture and history.

Redbridge Libraries wants you to be part of this new digital world! To help you, we will be delivering sessions throughout February during Digital Discovery Time.

Having problems with accessing our online resources? Not quite sure where to start? We invite you to drop into one of our sessions and ask our friendly staff. They can show you our exciting and amazing range of digital resources. Let’s get digital!

Digital Discovery Time sessions will take place at Wanstead Library on 6 and 13 February from 11am to 12 noon (free; booking required; bring your own digital devices). For more information, call 020 8708 7400. To find out more about the digital services available at Redbridge Libraries, visit visionrcl.org.uk/digital
Author: Editor