London elects: Richard Tice (Reform UK)


Richard Tice is the Reform UK candidate for the Havering & Redbridge constituency in this month’s London Assembly election. Here’s why he thinks he deserves your vote on 6 May

No nonsense, woke-free, can-do attitude. That is my approach to how we can improve the way our beloved London is run. I am a confident leader who took over the helm of Reform UK earlier this year. As an Assembly member elected for the Havering and Redbridge constituency, you would find me keen to help, keen to make things happen, keen to make a difference.

You may know me as a committed Brexiteer. We need to make use of the numerous advantages of Brexit and its real potential for the UK and for London. The successful vaccination programme is the clearest example of the benefit of Brexit, as we had the independence and freedom, without pressure from Brussels, to make our own rapid decisions on buying and manufacturing vaccines. It shows how Britain can use its power as a strong sovereign nation.

Reform UK has announced a range of policies, including the need to get London open and moving again. We want all our freedoms back and are totally against domestic vaccine passports, which are discriminatory and divisive. Never again should we lockdown; the collateral damage has been huge and massively underestimated.

Our low-tax, simple tax, high-growth economic vision would reinvigorate the economy across London, including Wanstead and Redbridge. Our UK-wide plan involves freeing up six million of the lowest-paid from paying any income tax, freeing up over a million SMEs from paying corporation tax and abolishing numerous stifling taxes. Lower taxes, simpler taxes create higher growth, meaning better wages and more tax revenues to invest in healthcare and other services.

Our other plans for London include a bold, clear solution to end the cladding scandal once and for all, ensuring no leaseholder pays for historic fire defects. In addition, we will ensure Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are not forced on people like they were in Redbridge last year. We will campaign for more bobbies on the beat, not watching tweets. Lastly, Reform UK oppose the expansion of the ULEZ zone in October. This extension will be very bad for Wanstead and many other areas. This will be detrimental to all small businesses and the self-employed. Many will be forced to pay £20,000-plus for a new vehicle to fit the new criteria. Now is not the time to be making life harder for those people who have been hit the hardest since the start of the pandemic.

A vote for me and Reform UK is a vote to reopen London, and to rebuild London’s economy together. Let’s make this happen.

Havering & Redbridge constituency candidates for the London Assembly are: Thomas Clarke (Liberal Democrats), Melanie Collins (Green), Judith Garfield (Labour), Keith Prince (Conservative), Richard Tice (Reform UK) and Andy Walker (Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition). For more information, visit wnstd.com/LA