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Epping-Forest-House©David Kavanagh

Local artist David Kavanagh introduces his latest work and urges others with a creative streak to take part in Art Group Wanstead’s nature-themed challenge this summer, by displaying their own art in front windows and gardens

I am a local artist who has lived in Wanstead for the past 11 years, but originally come from the West Midlands. Drawing and painting have been passions of mine since an early age, having studied A Level art, then moving on to do a foundation art and design course, followed by a degree in interior architecture.

Unfortunately, in more recent times, I neglected my creative side a little, but like many people, the events of 2020 forced me to change course, and fortunately, this resulted in me rediscovering my passion for art. I have worked in architecture and design for a number of years, and continue to do so, which is reflected in my art; my favourite subject is the built environment.

Living in Wanstead provides a lot of inspiration for me; it has such an interesting architectural heritage and wonderful open spaces. In fact, I take a local walk almost every day, and often go out with my sketchbook in hand.

I was recently commissioned by City Place Coffee (the new café on Clock House Parade) to produce a series of artworks depicting local landmarks. It was a real pleasure to produce these, and great to have the opportunity to work with an independent local business.

My favourite medium is acrylic on canvas, but I also love producing ink drawings (as you will see if you take a look inside City Place Coffee).

Over the last six months, I have also produced a number of paintings of local landmarks, such as Snaresbrook Crown Court (featuring Bruce the black swan) and Christ Church, which you may have seen on local social media.

I have joined Art Group Wanstead and my most recent artwork is shown here, an acrylic on canvas painting entitled Epping Forest House. The subject of this painting is a dilapidated house on the edge of Epping Forest, which has been abandoned and is in the process of being ‘taken over’ by nature. I really enjoy the idea that man-made structures can be very quickly reclaimed by nature in the absence of human intervention. I think this creates a very interesting visual juxtaposition.

This painting was inspired by the title of Art Group Wanstead’s nature-themed challenge for local residents, which is ‘The Year Nature Took Centre Stage’. This project urges residents to use their creativity and show their own works of art in front windows and gardens this summer, and will become a ‘trail’ if enough people take part.

To view more of David’s local artwork, visit wnstd.com/kavanagh or follow him on Instagram @david.kavanagh.161. For more information on commissions, email kavanagh453@outlook.com

For more information on Art Group Wanstead’s nature-themed challenge for the summer, visit wnstd.com/art

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