IMG_8004Wanstead Climate Action joined other campaigners in Ilford before Redbridge Council voted to declare a climate emergency earlier this month

Wanstead Climate Action to welcome Extinction Rebellion speaker

An Extinction Rebellion speaker will visit Wanstead next month to discuss climate change and explain how non-violent, direct action can bring pressure on governments to act. “Extinction Rebellion is helping...

Whipps Cross HospitalWhipps Cross Hospital

Give feedback on Whipps Cross

Residents with an interest in the redevelopment of Whipps Cross Hospital are invited to a meeting to be hosted by the Wanstead Park Women’s Club on 15 July from 8.15pm...


Probate debate

Probate disputes are on the rise, says Devorah Ormonde of local solicitors Wiseman Lee, who explains why making a will needs professional assistance to discourage claims against your estate after...