Editor’s update: uniting Wanstead and South Woodford

Like so many other businesses impacted by the restrictions designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus, this publication has had to adapt.

The Wanstead Village Directory and the South Woodford Village Gazette have joined forces to continue publishing during these difficult times.

Copies will not be delivered to homes for the time being (click here for an explanation), but every effort has been made to provide as many residents with a copy as possible, via our network of distribution stands. In Wanstead, the stands are located in Tesco, Co-op and the Post Office. In South Woodford, the stands are located in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, M&S and Co-op.

Our ethos of supporting the community and the local economy is more important now than ever before. You can help us do that by picking up a copy when you can.

Author: Editor