Cows return to Wanstead Park to carry out important conservation grazing

20231024_121923The three cows in Wanstead Park are Nina, Mara and Quinine. ©Gill James

A small herd of English Longhorn cows returned to Wanstead Park in October to graze over the winter months.

“The cows will have an important job to do grazing the main acid grassland to remove course vegetation and young scrub, which improves the biodiversity of this special area of Epping Forest. Grazing is particularly important for Wanstead Park because to mow with machinery would destroy one of the main features of wildlife interest, the Yellow Meadow Ant hills,” said a spokesperson for the City of London Corporation.

It follows a successful trial in 2020 when cows made a historic return to grazing in the park. The project was halted last year because of drought conditions.

“Please walk and act calmly around cattle; sudden movements can scare them. Keep your dogs under control, do not allow them to chase or harass the cows in their temporary home,” advises posters in the park.

Author: Editor