IMG_1826Snaresbrook team players and managers with sponsor Frank Lampard Senior

Diamond team

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this season, this is a remarkable year for the historic local football club Snaresbrook FC, says local resident and avid supporter Millicent Brown

camera© Redbridge Heritage Centre

History comes home

Redbridge Museum will open a new permanent exhibition early next year exploring 200,000 years of local history. In the 10th of a series of articles, Museum Officer Nishat Alam looks at some of the items on show

L1300130-copy©Geoff Wilkinson

Suffering Swans

Swan Sanctuary rescuer Gill Walker reflects on the recent outbreak of avian influenza and the impact it has had on wildlife across Wanstead and Snaresbrook. Photo of mute swan on Eagle Pond by Geoff Wilkinson

couzensThe Morning Room at Leigh Court, circa 1845

Antiques Roadshow

In 1822, every item within the great Palladian palace of Wanstead House was sold at auction. Two hundred years later, historian Tim Couzens gave a talk about his work in tracing some of those items


Santa Frank

Like Santa, December is a busy month for Wanstead resident Frank Charles BEM, who’ll once again soon be delivering presents to sick children. Unlike Santa, Frank needs your help to fill his sack with toys

elsaElsa and her kindness tree at the Wanstead Festival in October

Festive cheers

Elsa Arnold, founder of the Spreading Kindness Through E11 initiative, talks about her new role as community outreach coordinator for The Duke and highlights how you can help her spread festive cheer