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Written response

Shelly Berry moved to the local area shortly before the pandemic took hold. Here, the counsellor and novelist reflects on her observations of how and why people responded differently to lockdown restrictions


Refund rules!

Adem Esen from local solicitors Wiseman Lee talks about deposits, and more importantly, about non-refundable deposits, which can sometimes be based on unfair small print


Green, green glass

With a background in replicating Victorian stained glass and repairing the white glass panels of Big Ben, local resident Tony McCarty was well placed to launch a lockdown enterprise repurposing used wine bottles


Crime of the times

In the second of two articles, local dog trainers Colin Spence and Sarah McLeod-Cerezo discuss how you can reduce the chance of your dog being stolen, an increasing problem yet to become a specific offence


Wellness in Wanstead

Having organised a popular Wellness Week in Wanstead six months ago, Elsa Arnold is now launching Wellness Festival 2021, a month of online events to help us all through the final straight of lockdown